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Awaken your very essence with this cinnamon flavoured elixir. Provide your body with long term care and nourishment by boosting your immune system with Rebirth Elixir. Available in 1 fluid ounce.


This naturally crafted plant medicine is simple and effective. Flavoured with the sweet taste of cinnamon it will feel like the cooler seasons of Autumn and Winter will be living on your taste buds. 


Change up your daily routine by adding this classic herbal infusion into your morning hot tea, cool down and lay back with this sweet medicinal treat in your ice cold water or be adventurous and take a straight shot to chase down that tincture.


Rebirth Elixir can:

  • help maintain proper gut health 
  • lower blood sugar
  • provide anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties
  • relieve digestion discomfort 
  • reduce inflammation


*contains alcohol and raw honey and does not replace pharmaceuticals*

Rebirth Elixir

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