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Meet Your Next Level Self Now

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Hey, I'm Ashley; Energy Mentor + Plant Medicine Practitioner
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I know what it's like to live my life for others, to constantly people please my clients, to lack boundaries around work hours and to feel like you are just skating on the edge of burnout. 

Real talk: 

You're more than likely inching a way from a nervous breakdown, or on the never-ending cycle of chronic burnout.  

If you're feeling like you have co-dependency tendencies with your senior team by delegating out too many tasks, or maybe you are the opposite and have no trust in your team, therefore you work too many hours.

​You've made 7-figures, but the next financial or marketing goal feels as though it is out of alignment. You have exhausted marketing strategies, business funnels and what your team is pitching isn't making sense internally.  

You struggle to live in the present moment. You tend to regress to past issues, live on auto-repeat/autopilot. And you overanalyze the future.

Now I know what it's like to live the fierce and fearless life we all crave and desire to be.


I created the Fierce and Fearless VIP 1:1 Mentoring package because it was something recently, I struggled with myself. I didn't know how to live my own life and still achieve what I wanted in all areas.


I was unsure of how to prevent chronic burnout, fighting depression, stress and anxiety daily and not knowing how to live without questioning almost everything.

We no longer have to live this way. I feel the massive call for this generation to RISE up and when we do this, we give the others in the collective to rise beside us and for us.


We no longer have to give into hiding our feelings, living a hustle lifestyle and questioning where we belong and what our life's purpose is.

I want to support you and provide you with the tools you need to navigate through life by putting yourself first, by understanding your energetics through plant medicine and a systemic approach of the human body.


This is a key ingredient to attracting all that you desire.

I am here to support you in your own unlearning + learning new support management for your lifestyle through a holistic systemic approach. I am known as an Energy Mentor, which is an elegant word for saying that I work with all different levels of energy internally and external or as a soul-mind-body encompassment.


Fierce + Fearless VIP 1:1 Coaching Package is a calling to the fxmale leader who is ready to put themselves first and truly take action on being the best version of themselves. The fxmale leader who is ready to cause a ripple effect for their team leaders and elite clients. 

It's time to give yourself permission to dismiss the idea of constant hustle, lack of self-care and denying parts of who you are to no longer be a part of our lifestyle.

Are you feeling the call to rise your energetics? To be able to live your life with full intentions purpose and to call in exactly what you desire without fear and insecurity?

Fierce + Fearless VIP 1:1 mentoring container is a minimum 90-day program if you're ready for some serious change in your executive company.


Are you ready to leave the bacteria filled pond and embrace the rippling waves of the fast current?

It's Time.


Why choose, when you can have it all right now?

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Learn how to work with your own energetics and the energy around you to live the lifestyle you desire.


By learning how your own energy and the energy around you impacts what you manifest, you can show up more authentically within your life and therefore manifest more deliberately in your executive career.

​Who's it for?

  • You're trying to elminate stress and prevent burnout, but the relaxation techniques and activities are only providing temporary relief, or not at all.

  • You de-prioritize yourself by putting your executive team or high-profile clients ahead of your own needs or wants, often living your life according to other agendas.

  • You are unaware that you have to do the inner work instead of seeking the results outside of yourself.

  • You're committed to self-sabotage; critical thinking towards others and yourself, fear of abandonment or commitment to of yourself and others,

  • You're afraid of gaining what you truly want and attract toxic relationships with clients, team members or romantic relationships.

  • You have deeper blocks, deeper resistance, or deeper healing that’s needs to occur.

What you will gain:

My mentoring will guide you through the process of learning how to understand and work with your natural occurring energetics within and around you,


Fierce and Fearless Mentoring will provide you with the tools and plant medicine healing modalities you need to cultivate relaxation techniques that actually make a difference, rather than just going through the emotions. 

It will remove environmental chaos while providing you with internal peace to better achieve your business goals. 

You will have the ability to heal your inner wounded child not only through the subconscious, but through your system as a whole.

Together we will learn how to work with your mind, body and soul, so you can get out of self-sabotage, heal the root causes of stress and chronic burnout, and sink into alignment.

Your awakening is waiting. 


Fierce and Fearless Mentoring is an individualized systemic approach and varies accordingly to each person. It is paramount that you first complete a triage and strategy call to make sure that this program has the ability to provide you with the right outcome based on your needs. 

Welcome to a higher level of conscious awakening and rerooting to your authentic self

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